Mobile Compactor is an innovative space saving storage system. This system is ideal for storing files, stationery, bulk documents, manuals, tapes, computer disks. The effort required for the movement of the storage unit is about 0.05% of the dead load. It is a perfect solution that provides maximum space utilization to the end-user. Sophisticated wheels & railings used helps to increase its durability. Each rack is provided with an individual push button steering lock. When fully compacted the entire system can be locked into position with 1 locking operation.

This system can free up about 50% of the floor space or increase storage capacity of area by 80-100% in the same space. It provides with easy storage and retrieval. It is Maintenance free – due to sturdy construction and design. Types of Compactor Storage Systems

Manual Push Pull
System suited for the small area
Where the total load on each unit is not exceeding 1200 kgs

Used for medium & heavy-duty loads
It allows one to operate the load up to 3 ton per unit

Motorised in case of installation with large nos. of units, electrical arrangements are suggested. It allows the unit to move with just push-button control.
All materials are made of prime quality CRCA conforming to IS 513 grades for a longer life, these are passed through a 7-tank pre-treatment process before being powder coated for a long scratch resistance finish.